Best Vegan Cheese Fondue

A simply delicious & easy recipe for preparing the best plant-based cheese fondue.

Cashews, potatoes, & white wine blended with healthy ingredients create thisĀ rich & creamy classic EuropeanĀ cheeseĀ  dipping sauce.

You won't believe howĀ  easy it isĀ to prepare.Ā 

Let's do this!

step 1

Gather your ingredients.

CashewsĀ  PotatoesĀ  Nutritional yeast Salt Pepper Lemon juiceĀ  Non-dairy milk Prosecco*Ā  Kirsch*Ā  Tapioca flour Garlic


*this recipe can be prepared alcohol-free

step 2

Soak cashewsĀ  in water.

step 3

Prep & boil potatoes

step 4

PlaceĀ  ingredients,Ā  into a blender.Ā  Blend untilĀ  smooth.

step 5

Transfer cheese sauce into a stove top pot. Whisk til thick & creamy.

Pour the cheeseĀ  into aĀ heatedĀ  fondue pot.Ā  Serve withĀ a variety of veggies, fruit,Ā  & cubes of freshĀ  French bread.


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