Best Vegan Cranberry Cheese Bites

Festive bite-size appetizers baked in puff pastry with vegan cream cheese topped with a homemade cranberry orange sauce, zest and fresh herbs.





"Yum! I am loving these cranberry cheese bites! Such a perfect appetizer!"

step 1

Vegan puff pastry - crescent, pie, or phyllo Vegan cheeseĀ - cream cheese or vegan brie Cranberry sauce - homemade/store bought Fresh herbs - basil, sage, rosemary, parsley, mint Orange zest

Gather your ingredients

step 2

Yes, you can useĀ  store-bought, but why not make your own fabulous homemade cranberry orange sauce? So good & so easy!

Cranberry Sauce

step 3

Cranberry Sauce Ingredients

Fresh cranberries Maple syrup Water Fresh orangeĀ  Cinnamon Nutmeg Cloves

step 4

Make the Sauce

Simmer cranberries, water & maple syrup till soft. Stir inĀ  orange segments,Ā  zest & spices.

step 5

Cut the Pastry

Cut dough into 24 2" squares for a mini muffin panĀ  or Ā 12 3" squares for a standard cupcake pan.

step 6

Add the Cheese

Press doughĀ  into each cup.. AddĀ a rounded teaspoon of cheeseĀ inĀ  each cup.

step 7

Now the CranberriesĀ 

Add a spoonful of cranberryĀ  sauce on topĀ  of the cheese.

step 8

Bake & Garnish Ā 

Bake at 350ā„‰Ā  ten minutes until golden brown. Add a bit of fresh herbs & a sprinkle of orange zest.

enjoy! Ā 

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